GFL/SMP, we bring “Live” content to a global audience through digital distribution. Statistics

  • 2,500+ Live broadcasts to date
  • 10MM+ Unique viewers to date
  • 199+ Countries: our reach extends to viewers in 199 countries
  • 300+ Website Marketing Affiliates – in 15 countries

Distribution (Live/VOD)

  • On-­-line (GFL, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter)
  • Mobile devices – all devices, iPhone/iPad, etc.
  • IPTV devices – Roku, Boxee, Pop Box, Apple TV, Google TV
  • GFL Embeddable Video player – for Live and VOD


  • COMCAST SPORTSNET Commercials spots Free of Charge – 26 Million homes plus additional 25 million homes from other regional Comcast networks extending across USA
  • GFL event page – event details, graphic, and promo auto posted to sites that carry our events.
  • Media specialists for each Sport – press, articles, pre/post analysis of all fight cards distributed to global media outlets.
  • Social Networking Communications – sport blogs, Facebook, YouTube, twitter
  • 300 Affiliate marketing sites/ 60 Talk Shows – preview/reviews of events, contests, and interviews.
  • 500,000 opt in email list.
  • Global Distribution Partners

Live Services

  • Customer support – immediate response -­- Technical Support and CDN monitoring
  • Global broadcast points and distribution
  • Free View Function, allowing potential clients to “Try It” for 15 minutes Free
  • Illegal Stream detection and elimination – patentable technology statistics
  • Facebook, Youtube and Twitter daily activity and marketing
  • Video/broadcast personnel and hardware to send into the field.